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 Choose one of our multi-day wedding packages and you'll have access to our facilities at 8 a.m. on Thursday with clean-up by 3 p.m. on the following Sunday. This provides ample opportunity for decorating, the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, picture taking, the ceremony and reception! Please call 870.918.1818 for pricing!

                    The Tanglewood Bride

  Barn and Lake area


The Cabin

Get away cabin in the woods


The White Horse & Carriage

 Enter & Exit your wedding in style








"Save the date" with a  $300 deposit. (Non-refundable if cancel but on wedding day it turns into a "Security Deposit" and is (Refundable after inspection)


All-inclusive amenities:

  • Free access to our property for engagement and bridal photography (by appointment)

  • Commercial ice maker for providing ice at no change

  • Any decorations Tanglewood Landing currently has

  • Fishing access during event

  • P/A system

  • Firewood for outdoor pit

  • Trash cans, bag and toiletries